Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bread, Biscotti, and Bagels

This week's attempts:

Buttermilk Oatmeal Sandwich Bread
a combination of variations in The New Best Recipe Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen
verdict: excellent. I highly approve. I wish I had a bread pan with a lid so I could get a more square shape.

The New Best Recipe Cookbook
verdict: quite good. Biscotti is supposed to have all the moisture baked out of them and therefore they have a quite long shelf life. However, having all the moisture baked out of them means they are super crunchy/dry. Remind me a bit of the texture of a dog biscuit... but would a dog biscuit taste so good when dunked in a convenient cup of tea? I don't think so. The tea (or coffee if one is so inclined) re-hydrated it perfectly to be more a melt in your mouth sort of thing.

also from The New Best Recipe Cookbook
verdict: less than stellar. In fact, worst bagel ever: very chewy (like silly putty!), little taste, and the appearance was a little bit disgusting. I think I'm doing something wrong when making the dough. I can't get it smooth like the book says it should be and I kneaded extra (after two nights of failed attempts) this time! I didn't have a lot of hope for these after having so much trouble with the dough, but the pictures are kinda cool. I wish I'd taken a picture before they went in the oven.

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