Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twine Keeper

I think I'm back. Due to the unfinished nature of my rental house (not enough insulation, doors fitting improperly, lack of heat) and a couple of nights hovering around freezing, I had to take a break.  My husband and I were huddling in the central room of the house around a space heater.

I finally joined pinterest and while my first week or so of using it was slightly frustrating (I could not get anything to be posted and viewable on any of the 3 browsers or 2 platforms I tried), I've somewhat started to appreciate it.  Instead of googling a craft I want to make, I can search for it on pinterest and then repin it so I can come back to it later.  That's how I'm using it at least.

 I discovered this easy craft of turning a glass jar with metal lid into a kitchen twin holder via a craft blog I follow.  Things like this justify my obsessive saving of jars for Future Unspecified Use. It's super simple to do, keeps your twine clean while cooking, and prevents it from rolling off the counter onto the floor.

this project's spiciness?  medium.

I found that a glass salsa jar was the best shape for my kitchen twine instead of the example of a glass peanut butter jar (I have a lot of those).  I had a tiny bit of difficulty making the hole for the grommet round.  I'm thankful the eyelet is wide enough that it covered pretty much all of the ugliness on this top! I used a hammer to dull down any sharp bits I had before setting the eyelet.

it looks great in the kitchen
I'm thinking about using this same principle to turn giant plastic peanut butter jars (think Costco sized Adam's Peanut Butter) into a yarn keeper.  I keep a project by the couch so when I'm watching tv I can feel a bit productive, but it's getting unwieldy and I dislike the thought that my dog's hair is getting mixed in with the fibers.  One of my former roommates and I went through a lot of Costco sized peanut butter jars but I'm not sure that I kept any of them.... maybe a post on craigslist will turn up something.

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