Thursday, January 19, 2012

Classic Bottle Opener

I got my husband a mounted bottle opener for Christmas from a thrift store. His last house had one and everyone loved it. They had a bucket on the floor to catch the bottle caps and it was quite convenient for parties. After deciding on the best place to put the bottle opener (on a sturdy stud in a convenient location), we were a bit stumped on what to do for a bottle cap catcher. Problem was, it had to be removable.  We couldn't just nail an old tomato jar up because eventually we would want to empty it.

We found a cool coffee tin from a local coffee company and decided to somehow mount that after we finished the coffee.

We took a finishing nail to hammer two holes in the top, then I took some wire and fashioned a handle.  I used a command hook to mount the coffee can because I felt a nail, while more aesthetically pleasing, wouldn't be as secure.  That spot is extremely convenient because it's a heavy traffic point, however being an heavy traffic point means more bumps than an out of the way place. 

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