Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Felting gloves and binding books

I need to clean off my shelf to make my quick and dirty "light box" to put some pictures of my books. I need more shelves, my books have overrun my predefined space for them. Finished my felted gloves a while back but forgot about this blog. Same pattern as the ones I made for my dad but different size and colors.

However, as soon as I finish my nice warm gloves and finally put my nice, light-blocking, heat-saving curtains (made possibly my thoroughly exciting new cordless drill), there's a heatwave. It is officially 30 degrees warmer than it was last year at this time and I am not amused. I haven't seen snow yet this year and it's January. There has been snow in both locations I reside (college and parent's home) but I've been someplace else whenever the tender white flakes do fall.

yes, this is the only picture I have.

Can't help but put a picture up of one of my more favorite bindings I did while TAing this term. It's not actually difficult, it's just more unusual to sew the top and bottommost "tapes" of this interlocking book and not have a kettle stitch. I'm eagerly planning my new few books now that I have a relatively easy term.

oooo, binding....

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