Sunday, September 13, 2009

knitting needle case, apron, felted gloves

So.... Good to see I haven't forgotten how to procrastinate on this little thing.

Ok, this isn't technically knitting, but it sort of deals with it. First up, the knitting needle case. Mostly because it includes a picture of my sewing machine (I love that thing). I can't remember the pattern company, but it's a nice little pattern with several other knitting/crochet related stuff. I completed this around May. Maybe.
all finished!
holds (nearly) everything!

Next up, my apron. Bad picture of me. Ignore that part. Think of me wearing a dress and pearls. I've had several people comment that it could be a (somewhat scandalous) dress by itself. :-) I love the lines it gives me on the front, I always feel so darn domestic when I wear it. I don't want to get it dirty!
Bad news though, I washed it and one of the back ties got a bit detatched from the dress. It's a rough tear, I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to fix it.
(Note to self, pin long strings to apron next time you wash it!)

actual knitting
GLOVES. My dad has asked me for a good long while to knit him some nice gloves and a long while ago he bought me the needles, yarn, and book on how to felt. I finally finished his gloves and promptly made myself some as well (mine are a beautiful eggplant color, but not yet felted because I am a slacker). The first photo is of them unfelted, and the second shows the power of the washing machine. I intended to give these to him for Christmas last, but could NOT get the last skein of yarn I needed (and he talked me out of getting originally) when I came home. I found it the first week I was back in Bham. I felted his around Valentine's Day (because I only have access to a coin-op at my apartment) and finished my gloves by spring. I'll probably felt them in October when I come home for some drs appts. Hopefully it won't be too cold before then.

I made this lovely Italian loaf last February. It was the best loaf of bread I've ever made- just the right texture, flakey on top- mouthgasm just thinking about it.

Of course, it's from my fabulous New Best Recipe Cookbook.

knitting again
never quite gave an update on that phone cover, but I did turn it into a flash "how to" project for my New Media class last spring. I'm not a wiz at Flash and have very little interest at mastering the beast (I'm more of a book arts/print production person), but if you're interested, here's the link to my site. I basically ganked the images and what I had written on this site, stylized the photos, added a bit of motion, and called it good. Didn't both to go back and fix a few things after the critique, I didn't care enough.

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