Monday, August 29, 2011

Clothespin Holder

We line dry our clothing.  This is not because we're eco-conscious, trying to save money, or have clothes that need to be line dried.  In fact, we bought a dryer within two days of moving into our new house.  Unfortunately it was broken the first time we went to use it.* 

So now we line dry.  I'm mostly ok with it because I've been line drying my most of my shirts for years, but it's annoying for some loads.  Sheets, because they're gigantic and take up all the room on the line- plus, when one only has one set of sheets, it's frustrating when the sheet dries in one day, but the mattress pad takes two.  Underthings, because it's a load of many small things and if someone in the house has neglected to inform the primary laundry washer that they are low of a certain item until they have none left... well, it usually needs to be dried yesterday, not in 8 hours.  And who wants to wait days for their jeans and hoodies to dry?

I've been using the broken dryer as a shelf for clothes pins and towels, but I really wanted a clothespin holder to make it easier to pin things up.  Eventually I want two (one for each side of the line), but I haven't decided what type or pattern I want.  A sewn one?  Quilted?  It'd be a good project to expend some sewing skills with (applique?), but I don't have a clear idea of what I want to do yet.  Anyone have ideas?  I've been air drying most of my shirts for years, but it's been on a folding rack that doesn't need clothespins. 

I came across this idea using a milk jug and it'll be good for now.

milk jug clothespin holder

This has nothing to do with crafting, baking or anything like that, but it made me proud.  Puppy Dog's found a toy that she likes! She was rustling around the study then came out with this in her mouth and started chewing. While I applaud her desire to chew, why couldn't it be on the kong, tennis ball, or stuffed duck we bought her??  I had to take it away because I doubt it'd be safe for her once it cracked and I don't want her to think that all my reusable containers are fair game. 
First toy that she likes!

*We bought it at the REstore, which sells used and surplus building materials and is run by Habitat for Humanity.  Normally, I highly recommend this store for all sorts of odds and ends for small projects.  It did work at the REstore and it did work when it was hooked up by the plumber/electrician.  A few weeks later, after a hellish experience trying to buy a washer from, we finally got a washer from Home Depot.  We washed our first load and threw it in the dryer, discovering that it no longer turned on. We still have no idea why.

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