Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knitted Tardis

Is it nerdy to knit a relief of Doctor Who's Tardis?


I'm ok with that.

The tardis!

I happened to have the yarn and found a pattern*. After knitting it up, I wasn't too happy with it because I felt the knit every row broke up the pattern of the tardis and it was too narrow (more like Inspector Timespace's Darsit...**). Then again, I'm not super happy with my pattern because it's not laying how I want it to (some of the knits to recede instead of pop), so I understand why the other pattern does it. Also, I'm using a size 2 needles on some super thin yarn (I think it's crochet thread?) and I think I would like the result better if I was using a size 1 (which I don't own). Or thicker yarn.  However, this was the only Tardis blue yarn that I owned and I'm not about to buy some just for this. 

I initially planned on framing it because I thought it would be funny, but it squashes the knit and makes it even harder to tell what the blue on blue pattern is. I have no idea what to do with it now

I think it photographs better than it looks in person.  Crazy.
If you are interested in knitting up your very own flat tardis, I've posted my pattern on Google Docs.  You can download the pattern and make your own changes to it (for instance, a different border) or fix it up however you want.  I usually end up somehow changing things from other people's patterns and this way you can more easily record it.  I charted it out to design it, then went back through and wrote out what the directions were.  However, I did not write out the border because it was the same for every single row (k1, p1, k1).

* This is a link to Holynarf's pattern on ravelry, the other one was to the website it directs you to

** If you don't know who Doctor Who is, you really won't get Community's parody Inspector Timespace.  The internet took off with the idea and this website is one of my favorite products of that.   It's basically PostSecret, but always relates to Inspector Timespace, usually by using real episodes/things in Doctor Who with changes (for example, the Tardis becomes the Darsit).


Scott said...

I really like the heading on your blog. Did you make that?

Julie said...

I did! Thanks for noticing! I had some cross stitch fabric lying around and used some regular sewing thread.

Joanne said...

I didn't realize you had done the heading for your blog. I had noticed and thought it was cool looking.