Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

Last weekend was my husband's birthday.  I had a particular craft in mind to make and post about: fabric pennant banners.  It would be his present, keep me busy on Friday, and provide Monday's post.

This did not happen.

Friday morning, I sat down at the sewing machine to wind another bobbin and three minutes later I was screwed.  Somehow, I managed to wind the bobbin around the automatic bobbin winder spindle instead of the bobbin.  I stopped the machine and tried to get it off, but couldn't.  So I saw the screws on top of the machine and figured, "well, if I take off these two screws, I can access this the spindle better and take care of this."  They weren't screws.  They were bolts and I heard a nut drop into my machine.  At this point, I panicked, called my mom, and tried to find a repair shop.  Result: my machine was gone for a week and I was my mom was generously out $75.

Lesson learned.

I honestly haven't had much time to craft the past few days (well, I did last weekend, but all the projects I had half prepared were sewing projects and I was quite frustrated so did basically nothing).  On Wednesday, I sort of got a job.  Well, jobs.  Both short term, both on commission.  I am a college graduate with job experience and the only job I can find pays me pennies per piece.  I'm not thrilled, but I am happy that for a month or two I will be able to earn a bit of money to help pay for the essentials in life: fruits, veggies, and on sale craft supplies.

Pizza! Pizza!
Speaking of veggies, I made pizza last night and half of the toppings came from my garden!

I wanted to make my own dough.  I've almost always bought fresh dough from Trader Joe's but my local TJs is out of the way and I have flour so why not?  My go-to cookbook (New Best Recipe) said I needed bread flour for pizza dough.  Problem. We ran out of bread flour the other week making bread so all I had was regular flour. The deep dish dough recipe just needed all purpose and a potato.  So I made that.  Without a deep dish pizza dish.  The result was a GIANT piece of bread with pizza toppings on it.  It wasn't bad by any means (I LOVE bread), but it was far too thick for me to call it an unqualified success.

For the toppings, we had salami (substituted for the chorizo in my Rosemary Apricot Spaghettini earlier this week), green pepper (from the garden), tomatoes (from the garden), and basil (from the garden).  Well, cheese and sauce too.  I didn't have enough tomatoes to make a homemade tomato sauce and I haven't gotten into cheese making... so those were store bought. 

uncooked.  Would have made it thinner, but it needed to fit on the pizza peel.

cooked and DELICIOUS!!


Joanne said...

How can you beat a good thick pizza crust? It looks yummy!

Julie said...

It was delicious! It was a good 3/4"-1" thick... definitely needed fewer pieces than a regular pizza to fill me up!