Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My New Serger

Meet my new baby.

unnamed new serger.  then again, my sewing machine isn't named either.

She and I haven't really gotten acquainted yet (just got her yesterday in the mail from my mom) but here's what I do know:

1.) she's a serger (wikipedia link there because some people, like my husband, have no idea what a serger is), Janome My Lock 234D to be precise
2.) she originally was bought or fixed or something requiring a claim ticket from Montevilla Sewing Center (which happens to be where my sewing machine comes from, yay!)
3.) she was purchased c.1996 and is pink/purple (a decidedly mid '90s hue)
4.) she comes with accessories (different needle plate, tweezers, nets, oil, needle threader, needs... stuff like that)
5.) her little suitcase/carrier is the most adorable sewing carrying case I've ever seen

I do not yet know exactly what I'm going do with her (besides experiment and take over the world) but I'm crazy excited to find out.

most adorable carrying case ever

accessories!  instructions!  claim ticket!

gratuitous top down shot 

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